A more equitable future through digital literacy
and adoption.

More than 1 in 5 Americans still lack broadband internet at home, including millions with access who have not adopted it. If people don’t know how to use technology, or cannot tap its value for their most basic needs, our efforts to connect them are fruitless.

For economic development, job growth, educational opportunities, disability access, telehealth, and so much more, we need training and equipped digital citizens. And while billions are designated to broadband adoption and affordability, there is little funding devoted to digital equity and adoption projects in the U.S.

The logical solution is to designate some of the proceeds of spectrum auctions to tackle this problem.

The vehicle: a Digital Equity Foundation to fund public purpose apps, training, education tech, telehealth and public health, disability access, digital navigator programs and other digital literacy and adoption efforts in a sustainable way.

This is the opportunity to overcome digital equity and adoption challenges by leveraging a natural resource owned by the American people: the spectrum around us.

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Add your organization to the growing list of groups asking Congress to designate a substantial portion of future spectrum auction proceeds to endow a Digital Equity Foundation.

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